Massage & wellbeing

back, neck & shoulder swedish massage - 30mins £25
full body swedish massage - 60mins £45
hot stone back,neck & shoulder massage - 40mins £35
hot stone full body massage - 70mins £55
lava shell back, neck & shoulder massage - 40mins £35
lava shell full body massage - 70mins £55
new life maternity massage - 70 mins £60
With its delicate ingredients this treatment has a draining effect and relieves joint tension by reducing swelling and heaviness.  This beautiful treatment is designed for clients that are 12 weeks pregnant or more to maintain skin tone and elasticity whilst deeply relaxing the muscles.
indian head massage - 30mins £25
Pressure points are gently worked alongisde kneading and massage.  Treats the whole head, neck and shoulders leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  This treatment is very beneficial for stress, insomnia and anxiety.
reflexology - 60mins £45
A holistic therapy that opens the energy channels promoting the body to self heal.  By applying comfortable pressure to the reflex points of the feet that correspond to all major organ, glands and body parts, this treatment aims to improve health and well-being.
hopi ear candles -30mins £25
This is a non-evasive treatment of the ears used to treat a variety of conditions from sinus problems to migraines.  This treatment is very relieving, relaxing and detoxifying.